Sourcing of Technical and Project Management Resources

We directly source and deliver exceptional technical and project management resources to augment existing IT staff. These resources are available to work at a client’s US site(s) as an independent or integrated project team, or to complete project work in Mexico. At the client’s option, this may be solely on a contract basis (minimum 6 months) or on a contract-to-hire basis.

We maintain a pool of exceptional IT resources skilled in the following areas:

(.NET, C#, Java)

Quality Assurance
& QA Management

Project Management
& Business Analysis

& Backup

Big Data & Data Science
(Spark, Databricks, AI, ML)

Risk & Compliance (RSA Archer,
Mantas, Actimize, Fiserve and Pega)


Why Adelantus?
We offer more than just services, we offer expertise.

• Adelantus provides staffing anywhere in the continental United States based on an all-inclusive rate that includes the transportation and legal logistics of getting resources to one or more specified locations.

• Our resources are rigorously vetted for technical and communications skills, and are fluent in both Spanish and English.

• Consultants are available on-site in client locations, off-site at Adelantus locations or using a hybrid approach. Typically, clients utilize a hybrid approach with a senior Adelantus resource at the client site (at Adelantus expense) overseeing a minimum of 5 Adelantus resources offsite. This provides an additional layer of governance and oversight to ensure delivery of client objectives.

• We have successfully staffed assignments for a single individual up to project teams of 10-50 members. Typical project timeframes are 12+ months.

• We are able to customize engagements based on complex customer requirements.



Why Nearshore: IT talent, business operations or physical facilities in Mexico?

It is a high-demand, viable solution to achieve important corporate goals and an excellent strategy that allows companies to be highly productive yet agile and extremely cost-efficient. Such is its importance that it has become the choice of companies such as Dell, Texas Instruments, Bank of America and Citibank as well as high-growth mid-sized companies.

1. Cost savings of up to 60% over the cost of stateside IT resources with the same high quality output.

2. Intellectual Property (IP) protection is guaranteed through US/Mexico NAFTA agreements.

3. A western hemisphere cultural affinity, proximity advantages and time zone consistencies.

4. Full complement of near shoring services ( IT technical and project management talent sourcing and complete design/build services across a diverse array of physical facilities.)

5. No recruiters, no third parties, no extra cost layers. We source and vet resources through personal networking and in-country, in-person selection at job fairs and tech events with a comprehensive screening process and intensive background and security

6. Our multilingual staff can assist in your national and international projects..


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